I'm Oliver Webber, here with my research assistant, Kaydence Ribetnauer. You may not be able to see us because we're tucked in between these blades of grass, waiting for our next meal to fly in and land on one of them. To nourish our bodies and souls, we ponder leaves. We encourage contemplation... especially in regard to issues that will have to be handled when we become worm grub. We hope to motivate others to thoughtfully cultivate preferences and decisions while still vigorously leaping around. We recommend croaking... using voices to broadcast wishes before it's too late to have a voice in this matter. Other than a sumptuous supply of insects, this is assuredly the most "toad-ally" considerate gift we could leave for our life companions! Don't you agree? We invite you to get your feet wet by joining our pond of pondering pre-planners. Let's make croaking meaningful!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


A Fly'Bye Lady Visit on Longboat Key, Florida 


Parishioners at the Longboat Island Chapel on Longboat Key have been blessed with the presence of a natural sanctum inside the boundaries of their outdoor property.  Abutted by parking lots on three sides, this island jewel is shrouded in green hues of variant bushes and towering trees.  Shadowed by blankets of overhanging branches, it is a haven of foliated calm.  

The lovely and lush “Friendship Garden” is known familiarly as the Jim Marsh Garden, to honor a man who had been a pastor of the Christian-based, interfaith church for many years. 

Brick pathways take disciples of Mother Nature to different vantage points for contemplative meditation and spiritual renewal.  Along the way there are occasional bricks bearing names.    

Upon reaching the east periphery of this sequestered sanctuary, sheltered from the commotion of life, one inadvertently comes upon emblems of death.  Memorial stones in assorted sizes and shapes dot the ground in this section of the garden.  


The cremation tract here is of relatively recent origin.  Over the course of time prior to its inception, people had placed these sorts of tribute rocks in various locations within the entire scope of the oasis.  But one or two years ago, the idea of a designated area for this purpose was conceived and implemented.  All of the pieces that had been randomly located in other parts of the garden were moved to this spot. 



Though the grounds here are not approved for interment, or burial, of cremated remains, the sprinkling, or spreading, of them is permissible.  Or folks may choose to have only the garden stone in this memorial section as a marker simply to recognize the decedent.

Stones for this purpose can be ordered through the church office, or people can obtain them on their own for an additional fee.  

Anyone is welcome to take advantage of this commemorative opportunity, regardless of whether or not the individual is a member of the church community.  


Cremation gardens have increasingly become a feature of church properties. When roaming around any town, occasionally you may find hidden treasures if you stray from the beaten path to seek the solace of communion with birds, bees, and trees.