I'm Oliver Webber, here with my research assistant, Kaydence Ribetnauer. You may not be able to see us because we're tucked in between these blades of grass, waiting for our next meal to fly in and land on one of them. To nourish our bodies and souls, we ponder leaves. We encourage contemplation... especially in regard to issues that will have to be handled when we become worm grub. We hope to motivate others to thoughtfully cultivate preferences and decisions while still vigorously leaping around. We recommend croaking... using voices to broadcast wishes before it's too late to have a voice in this matter. Other than a sumptuous supply of insects, this is assuredly the most "toad-ally" considerate gift we could leave for our life companions! Don't you agree? We invite you to get your feet wet by joining our pond of pondering pre-planners. Let's make croaking meaningful!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Is it okay to treat the subject of planning one's own end-of-life affairs in a lighthearted manner?  We are accustomed to shying away from anything that pertains to death.  We don’t want to think about the demon that follows us through life, threatening to uproot us from our existence.  Normally, we don’t laugh at a reality so abhorrent and contrary to our sense of well-being.  We can’t fathom it in the imaginary context of an amiable companion.

We seem to have inherited our negative attitudes toward mortality because of maladaptive fixations that characterize our culture.  In other countries, people are better able to treat the transition as a natural phase of the live cycle.  As human beings, we all share the universal agony of loss when it occurs.  But while many others seem to regard this natural passage more purposefully, we tend to regard it more scornfully.  Can we learn to accept an evolutionary reality that can’t be changed?  Is there a way to be relieved of the heavy burden of intimidating fear that permeates our lives and diminishes our quality of living?

I think humor can be a tool.  It isn’t meant to imply disrespect for this phenomenon that is imbued with painful repercussions for loved ones.  Instead, it is intended to serve the function of a preemptive host, opening the door and welcoming newcomers to unfamiliar territory.  It is the “ice-breaker,” so to speak.  Maybe it can help to spark discussions and invoke a newfound comfort in a realm that had been too uncomfortable to broach.  

If we could allow ourselves to lighten up a bit, maybe we would be able to tolerate this taboo topic more readily.  I believe in the power of words to alter our ingrained perspectives.  I like to use upbeat language and concepts as a balm in hopes of subduing the ache of prospective separation.  It seems easier to explore this subject when surrounded by figurative expressions pregnant with metaphors, double meanings, and symbolic terms that are not only palatable, but jocular as well.  I’d much rather look at a frog symbolizing a mission to communicate about death rather than a skull and crossbones reinforcing the threat of it!  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Here you are, on the brink of the drink.  We’re wondering what brought you to this pond.  Why are you reading this?  What’s motivating you to submerge yourself in muck… topics that folks generally tend to avoid?  

Is it curiosity… like that of a marine biologist who studies underwater plants and animals? Or maybe you just yearn for the stimulating refreshment and revitalization of jumping into cold water. Or are you so bored that you’re willing to delve into a dark abyss with springs of surging currents that will lead to enlightenment? Or perhaps you are a risk-taker who scouts for adventure; you don’t know what’s under the surface, but you’re going to find out.  Even if you are not a great swimmer, maybe you already know that having the courage to dive into the unknown is apt to bolster your confidence and make you stronger.

You won’t need a life jacket to learn about issues related to death.  Soon your mind will be so freed of inhibitions that you’ll feel like you are floating on air… or at least bathed in the enveloping warmth of a bubbling whirlpool.  You’ll be able to absorb features of modern funerary products, services, and approaches drenched with innovation and flexibility.  Eventually, after taking a dip here periodically, you’re apt to become unmoored from stagnant patterns and attitudes as you paddle toward making decisions about your own end-of-life arrangements.  No longer anchored to muddy funereal realities of days gone by, you’ll be able to adopt the perspectives of wedding planners who relish the sparkling nuances of vibrant planning. 

So don’t be afraid to open your eyes under these waters.  Visit frequently to capture the intrigue of enlivening funeral and memorial content.  It will be energizing!  Hopefully, with new concepts swirling through your mind, you’ll leave with a commitment to identify or maybe even alter preferences relative to your own life’s ending.  And, before you dry off after being here, spread the word about your intentions as well as the pleasure of wading through the depths of information you discovered.    

Welcome to our community!