I'm Oliver Webber, here with my research assistant, Kaydence Ribetnauer. You may not be able to see us because we're tucked in between these blades of grass, waiting for our next meal to fly in and land on one of them. To nourish our bodies and souls, we ponder leaves. We encourage contemplation... especially in regard to issues that will have to be handled when we become worm grub. We hope to motivate others to thoughtfully cultivate preferences and decisions while still vigorously leaping around. We recommend croaking... using voices to broadcast wishes before it's too late to have a voice in this matter. Other than a sumptuous supply of insects, this is assuredly the most "toad-ally" considerate gift we could leave for our life companions! Don't you agree? We invite you to get your feet wet by joining our pond of pondering pre-planners. Let's make croaking meaningful!

Saturday, April 30, 2016



Frogs have a way of landing in the darndest places! 

Often this happens to people as well.  Maybe upon visiting this blog you were surprised to discover a whimsical style that doesn’t conform to conventional funerary frameworks.  Frogs?  Huh?  Recently a funeral director noted that she doesn’t ordinarily associate frogs with the topic of death.

There’s a logical reason for their presence here, as they bear symbolic significance by representing the nature of an entertaining reference resource, PONDERING LEAVES: Composing and Conveying Your Life Story's Epilogue.  This frog blog is an extension of that book and its related website. 

But what if readers aren’t charmed by these amphibian interlopers in the funerary domain?  What if they prefer a more familiar Web-based habitat?

There is an alternative.  For anyone hungry for information, but wary of foreign species, the same blog content can be viewed within a more domesticated orientation.   

So, just as there are choices when contemplating life’s exit strategies, there is an additional option here for reading about them.  With a click and a hop, you can explore the alternative territory:
                                                       FINISHING TOUCHES
Happy travels!